A recent addition to the Out Of Step portfolio, Hex was launched in 2010, some 20 plus years since creators Dan & Trent's first humble steps into fashion. Repurposing and making their own clothing & accessories, led them onto designing and manufacturing for many world renowned and established labels.

Drawing on the their decades of experience Hex channels it in an innovative new direction, matching and eye for style with a love of technology. Creating the view point - Looking at fashion and technology as equally  necessary and inspiring, developing products that function as well as they look.

Dan & Trent's experience of living in early 1980's Southern California, forming bands and utilizing their artistic sensibilities to outfit concerts into total sensory experiences impacts on their process to this day.

Their vanguard series regularly feature inspirational artists & designers as well as figures from the skateboard world that further demonstrates  their ties tot he creative and counterculture communities of California and beyond.

We are proud to be launching their UK web store later this year and cementing key retailer relationships for their incredible products.