HUF X Frazetta

HUF X Frazetta

The Fall collection also includes a very special collaboration with celebrated fantasy artist FrankFrazetta.

American artist Frank Frazetta was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1928 and is recognised worldwide as having redefined the aesthetics of fantasy and science fiction genres. Beginning his professional career as a comic book artist at age 15, Frazetta’s lifelong practice shaped both popular and underground-culture visual landscapes through such works as his 1964 satirical portrait of Ringo Starr for Mad Magazine, iconic interpretations of Tarzan and Conan, and his very own ‘Death Dealer’ character.

Having passed away in 2010, Frazetta’s legacy as the ‘father of fantasy’ lives on through his inventive cast of characters that have graced countless comic books, novels, movie posters, album covers, and more. HUF is proud to present an exclusive capsule collection featuring Frazetta’s works across a range of teesfleecejacketshats and accessories.

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