For Holiday 2019 HUF continues the 'Dusk till Dawn’ theme, reinterpreting notions of global exploration “to the ends of the earth”. Putting the HUF DBC spin on traditional travel garments, the season riffs on post-apocalyptic themes while evoking the pioneering ethos of nostalgic Americana.

A muted colour palette punched by russet orangenebulas bluepoppy red and quetzal green casts an ominous tone across dystopian-driven graphicswilted floral patternstactical camouflages, and nature-inspired tie-dye washes. Versatile silhouettes cut from technical fabrics emphasise functionality and adaptability key to navigating shifting landscapes.

Through HUF’s progressive direction, the ‘Dusk till Dawn’ collection embodies innovative design in response to the crisis of our times, maintaining the DIY spirit of resistance that defines skateboarding and forward-thinking subcultures.

Winter outerwear is showcased in the cotton twill Detrick Parka and reversible Taos Puffer Jacket, representing two different takes on outdoors-wear.

Colour-blocking dominates throughout, with bold seasonal colours sitting alongside the muted autumnal tones, highlighted by pieces like the Lewis Track Jacket/Pant combo and Piet Pullover Hood.

Unique floral designs, a staple of last year's Holiday collection, return in new ways, including on the La Fleur short-sleeve shirt and hood and Ember Rose printables.

Some new additions to this range include the use of velour on the striped Unveil Longsleeve Top and experimentations with flocked graphics, such as on the Pulp Tee, and multicoloured text embroidery on the Suspension Arch Pullover Hood and HUF or Die Longsleeve and 6 Panel Hat.

Camo also runs throughout the range, both as woodland camo in the Detrick ParkaStandard Easy Pant and Suspension Arch Snapback and as an excellent tiger camo in the reversible Milton Polar Fleece Jacket, Standard Shell JacketMarka Crew and BDU Easy Pant.

Brightcolourful graphics are present throughout this season's range of tees and longsleeves, bringing a dose of colour do brighten up an often dull and grey season.

Finally, a winter-ready accessories pack includes everything from travel accessories and drinking aids to christmas stockings, wrapping paper, sleds and ice scrapers, making for our most exciting accessories range yet.


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