The Summer collection was inspired by the scenery of 1950s Cuba, when the island was a tropical haven for adventure-seeking travellers. Taking cues from the country’s soulful culture, bright Caribbean coloursand unique architecture, the Summer collection features a mix of vintage Cuban-inspired motifs, undertones of sport and Brixton’s modern yet classic aesthetic.

The lookbook imagery highlights how this season's colour choices have been inspired by painted signs and wall murals. Washed shades of yellow and kelly green are spread throughout the range, peppered with pops of red and royal blue giving this a distinctly different feel to previous Brixton collections. These colour highlights are supported by warm tones of cuminbronze and bark, evoking the sunny, sub-tropical Cuban climate.

Cuba has inspired more than just the colour choices this season, with a number of motifs borrowed from popular Cuban designs. Throughout the collection you will find floral patterns, a cha-cha repeat print and various horizontal and vertical striped pieces.

Sport is hugely important to Cuban culture, and also plays a part in Brixton's Summer 18 collection through football-inspired items like the striped trunks and United and Ripley jersey knits.

Summer 18 sees continued focus on our Heritage Collection, a range of products that feature our most enduring styles, pieces that have been in the collection since day one and products that perfectly showcase the unique lifestyle that Brixton set out to convey.

The Heritage Collection features new colours and prints in our Charter Woven, particularly in short-sleeve, supported by our Toil II Chino Short and our best-selling range of flatcaps – the Brood,Hooligan and Fiddler. For those who prefer a longsleeve shirt, we have added new colour options in theBowery Flannel, adopting the warm tones of this season's chosen colour palette. The Any Way, Every Day campaign highlights heritage pieces that are interchangeable and work together to create a great look for every type of customer.

Shorts feature prominently in any Summer Brixton collection and this season we introduce a selection of new styles and fabrics to our regular assortment. The Steady Short is an easy-on elasticated waist walkshort made from a lightweight cotton canvas. It's joined by some great new fabrics such as those you'll see on the olive corduroy Madrid Short and grey plaid Graduate Slack Short which shares fabric with last season's Regent trouser.

When it comes to trunks, the Santos is a great addition to the range of Comfort fits in both kelly green and navy, and the Cha-Cha and floral prints feature on this seasons Havana and Barge Trunks.

Other key pieces this season include cha-cha print Bueller Woven, mesh Ripley Knit and HastePullover Hood. These are followed by an excellent range of printed T-shirts that includes new WornWash bodies, pop colour screen prints and a huge variety of designs. The Speck TeeTapes Tee andTosh Longsleeve are just some of the highlights.

Keep an eye out for new pieces like the camo Hardy Bucket and Ranger Hats, the second FriendlyUnion Bumbag and fun items like the Dice Game keychain.

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